Podcast: TED Talks series - John Doerr Sees Salvation and Profit in Greentech

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18 minutes

TED Talks series, FILMED MAR 2007 - POSTED MAY 2007 - TED2007

"I don't think we're going to make it," John Doerr says in an emotional talk about climate change and investment. To create a world fit for his daughter to live in, he says, we need to invest now in clean, green energy.

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Learning Goals

To expand discussion about the future of global warming in combination with sustainable businesses and technologies.

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Going green is the largest economic opportunity in the 21st Century." (John Doerr)

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Teaching Notes and Tips

To explore how technologies and businesses need to be incorporated into the change for a sustainable Earth.


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References and Resources

John Doerr, Silicon Valley's legendary moneyman, is afraid of eco-apocalypse. After building his reputation (and a considerable fortune) investing in high-tech successes, he's turning his focus toward green technologies, and hoping it isn't too late. Full Bio>>


Talks, T. (2012). Podcast: TED Talks series - John Doerr Sees Salvation and Profit in Greentech.