Podcast: TED Talks series - Pavan Sukhdev: Put a Value on Nature!

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TED Talks series, FILMED JUL 2011 - POSTED DEC 2011 - TEDGlobal 2011

Every day, we use materials from the earth without thinking, for free. But what if we had to pay for their true value: would it make us more careful about what we use and what we waste? Think of Pavan Sukhdev as nature's banker -- assessing the value of the Earth's assets. Eye-opening charts will make you think differently about the cost of air, water, trees ...

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Learning Goals

Sukhdev wants to draw people's attention to horrible destruction that humans are causing the Earth's environment and biology. He discusses this issue in terms of a topic that is very important to people, money. He tries to make people concerned and aware of the destruction by explaining how destroying the Earth's natural systems and gifts are causing humans loss in the economy and in their pockets.

Context for Use


Description and Teaching Materials

When we measure corporate performances, we don't include our impacts on nature and what our business costs society. That has to stop." (Pavan Sukhdev)

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Teaching Notes and Tips

This material can be used to explore the natural economy benefits that are provided to the Earth in the environment, and how when these systems are disrupted and destroyed the money saved leaves with them.


Assessment is at the discretion of the educator and how this material is applied.

References and Resources

A banker by training, Pavan Sukhdev runs the numbers on greening up -- showing that green economies are an effective engine for creating jobs and creating wealth. Full Bio >>


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