Game: World Without Oil & Lesson Plans

Ginny Brown
Initial Publication Date: April 29, 2016



WORLD WITHOUT OIL is a award winning, serious game for the public good. WWO invited people from all walks of life to contribute "collective imagination" to confront a real-world issue: the risk our unbridled thirst for oil poses to our economy, climate and quality of life.

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Learning Goals

WORLD WITHOUT OIL is a milestone in the quest to use games as democratic, collaborative platforms for exploring possible futures and sparking future-changing action.

WWO is a model for using a hot net-native storytelling method ('alternate reality') to meet civic and educational goals and be compellingly fun.

Context for Use

WORLD WITHOUT OIL is a very simple "what if?" game. What if there was an oil crisis? This gaming resource can be used as tool for critical thinking skills and collaborative problem solving, using real life situations.

What if an oil crisis started on April 30, 2007 - what would happen? How would the lives of ordinary people change?

Let's play "what if?" and find out. To play, you help visualize what would be happening, if the oil crisis were really going on.

Teaching Notes and Tips

You can get into the game and use the WWO "Time Machine" to call up any of these weeks. The official story for that week will be headlined in the upper center right; the stack of blocks to the left, under the dark blue panel, link to the player stories for that week. (The stories that the WWO team judged to be best will be at the top of the stack.)

Clicking on a story block will take you to that story, usually posted by the player somewhere on the web. You can also take Gretchen's quick tour, to experience the game as a typical player did. Home :: World Without Oil


To be determined by the educator and how they choose to use this resource.

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