Video: Chernobyl's Power



50 minutes

Released 2012,

New documentary film on the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster and the contemporary energy strategy of Ukraine.

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Learning Goals

To inform the public of the risk of nuclear energy and encourage the development of alternative energy sources.

Context for Use


Description and Teaching Materials

This documentary features nterviews with:

  • Yurij Akymenko
  • Alexey Breus
  • Valery Goleiko
  • Dmytro Gradzinsky
  • Dmytro Khmara
  • Anna Korolevska
  • Olga Makarovska

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Teaching Notes and Tips


Assessment is at the descretion of the educator and how this documentary video is applied.

References and Resources


Produced and directed by David Fazzino, University of Fairbanks, Alaska

Funding and Support:

University of Fairbanks, Alaska

  • College of Liberal Arts
  • Dept. of Anthropology
  • Summer Sessions
  • Women's Studies

The Evergreen State College


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