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Northwest Passage
Glenn Richard, SUNY at Stony Brook
An investigation of changes in polar regions using Google Earth.

Lab Exercise: Vostok Ice Core: The Cold Hard Truth
Patrick Callahan
Examine Vostok ice core data from the Industrial Revolution to 160,000 years ago. Understand how climate indicators in the ice from our planet's past help scientists to envisage our climate future.

Case Study: Impacts of Climate Change on Tribes in Washington (Part 1)
Source: Evergreen College - Enduring Legacies Native Cases
This study talks about Global Climate Change, Global Warming, the Puget Sound region and its Tribal Lands, along with the tribes of the Puget Sound region.

Module: Introduction to Statistics for Climatology - UCAR COMET
Ginny Brown
The effective use of climate data and products requires an understanding of what the statistical parameters mean and which parameters best summarize the data for particular climate variables. This module addresses ...

Podcast: TED Talks series - Gordon Brown: Wiring a Web for Global Good
TED Talks
16:46 minutes TED Talks series, FILMED JUL 2009 - POSTED JUL 2009 - TEDGlobal 2009 We're at a unique moment in history, says UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown: we can use today's interconnectedness to ...

AAAS - Global Climate Change video

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
This video features residents of Shishmaref, Alaska, plus environmental journalist Elizabeth Kolbert and scientist John Holdren, exploring the human impacts of global climate change.

From Mud to Molecules: What Deep Sea Sediments Can Tell Us About Past Climates

Geoffrey Eglington
This video documents how scientists, using marine algae, can study climate change in the past to help understand potential effects of climate change in the future.

Changing Planet: Fresh Water in the Arctic

NBC Learn
This Changing Planet video documents scientists' concerns regarding how melting Arctic sea ice will increase the amount of fresh water in the Beaufort Gyre, which could spill out into the ...

Striking a Solar Balance

This NASA video reviews the role of the sun in driving the climate system. It uses colorful animations to illustrate Earth's energy balance and how increased greenhouse gases are creating an ...

Energy 101: Solar PV

This video, from the US Department of Energy, shows the basics of how a PV panel converts light radiated from the sun into usable power, whether on the electric grid or off, and without emissions or ...