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Northwest Passage
Glenn Richard, SUNY at Stony Brook
An investigation of changes in polar regions using Google Earth.

Lesson Plans: HOW SUCCESS WORKS: Marine Sanctuary - Restoring a Coral-Reef Fishery (Apo Island, Philippines)
Deidre Duffy Source: Eco Tipping Points
A marine sanctuary at Apo Island in the Philippines set in motion community fisheries management that reversed a vicious cycle of destructive fishing and depletion of fish stocks, restoring the island's coral reef ecosystem and rescuing a fishing village's livelihood and wellbeing. Apo Island's success has inspired 700 other fishing villages to establish marine sanctuaries.

Podcast: TED Talks series - Gordon Brown: Wiring a Web for Global Good
TED Talks
16:46 minutes TED Talks series, FILMED JUL 2009 - POSTED JUL 2009 - TEDGlobal 2009 We're at a unique moment in history, says UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown: we can use today's interconnectedness to ...

State Electricity on Google Earth: How many Solar Panels would it Take?
Billy Goodman, Passaic Valley High School; Todd Greene, California State University-Chico; Maureen Padden, McMaster University
This activity is part of the community collection of teaching materials on climate and energy topics. These materials were submitted by faculty as part of the CLEAN Energy Workshop, held in April, 2011 and are not ...

How Much Energy is on my Plate?
Lane Seely, Karin Kirk
This activity is part of the community collection of teaching materials on climate and energy topics. This activity was submitted by faculty as part of the CLEAN Energy Workshop, held in April, 2011. This activity ...

Lab Exercise: The Earth’s Radiation Budget: Balancing Your Heat Book
Patrick Callahan
Students enhance their understanding of the Earth's radiation budget and how it influences the Earth's climate through the application of NASA data. Additionally, there's a hands-on activity to test assess students' knowledge of the lab's concepts.

Relation between Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change
Deepesh Bista Source: Royal Society of Chemistry
An introduction to how climate change is related to greenhouse gases.

Case Study: Alberta’s Oil Sands and the Rights of First Nations Peoples to Environmental Health
Source: Evergreen College - Enduring Legacies Native Cases
The Problem Alberta sits over one of the largest recoverable oil patches in the world, second only to Saudi Arabia. It covers 149, 000 square kilometers, an area larger than Florida, and holds at least 175 billion barrels of recoverable crude bitumen... But oil sands are a fundamentally different kind of oil. They take a lot of energy and a lot of water and leave a very large environmental footprint compared to all other forms of oil extraction. Because of this, the massive changes to the boreal forest and the watershed have prompted the United Nations to list this region as a global hot spot for environmental change. (H2Oil)

Game: SMARTIC Arctic Case Study
Jessica Brunacini, Columbia University in the City of New York
Students will build off of an introductory lecture on climate change in the Arctic to devise a strategy to manage climate change impacts on the global scale (the Arctic). After a brief synopsis on current management approaches in the Arctic, students will use information based on the stakeholders and interests they've identified before class, to organize and present.

AAAS - Global Climate Change video

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
This video features residents of Shishmaref, Alaska, plus environmental journalist Elizabeth Kolbert and scientist John Holdren, exploring the human impacts of global climate change.